Rebuilding the 1929 Knabe 5' 8" Ampico B Player Grand Piano
Pukalani Palace - Maui, Hawaii - February & March 2003

                                        Andy Raymond Removing Strings February 2, 2003

                                       Watching Out for Flying Strings - February 2, 2003

        Bill Sythes Checks Out the Piano Before Going to Work - February 2, 2003

                      Bill Getting Plate Ready for Removal - February 3, 2003

           Bill Making Final Adjustments Before Andy Starts Jacking to Remove Plate

        Out Comes the Pinblock - Going to C. A. Geers for Falconwood Duplicate

 Pinblock Shoddy + Tuning Pin Holes Near the Edge - 1929 Factory Workers Depressed??

                                        Bill With the Phone Handy Hoping Work Won't Call

                          Original Knabe Decal and Sound Board are in Great Condition.

                                                       Andy and Bill Gluing Loose Case Veneer

February 4, 2003 - Waiting for Glue to Set - Knabe Ampico B Player Grand Piano

Bill Epoxy's Minor Bridge Cracks While Andy, who is Allergic to Epoxy, Disappears

Waiting for the World's Best Piano Pinblock (Falconwood) from C. A. Geers Piano

Wouldn't You Know - It's Raining Outside! - Fitting Pinblock to Plate - 2/15/2003

         Kindle - Piano at BCD Enterprise Refinishers in Pukalani, HI - 3/17/2003

  Bill and Andy Getting High - Living Room Spray Booth - Bronzing Piano Harp

  Bill Putting Clear Finish on Harp - Shop Vac is Removing Over Spray - 3/26/2003

                                             Solitude - 3/26/2003

                               Bill Polishing Knabe, Ampico B, Brass Lid Hinge - 3/31/2003

                                         Jimmy Gwinn "Watching the Smurf Work - 3/31/2003

     Andy Spraying Clear Gloss Finish on Piano Parts That Bill Polished - 3/31/2003

Knabe Ampico B Piano Arrives on Maui August 2002

Rebuilding Piano Action - November & December 2002

Rebuilding Ampico Player September 2003

Re-Assembling Knabe Piano - December 2003

Pukalani Palace - Ampico Roll Collection

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