Wuhan, China - July 20, 2009

Yellow Crane Tower
The Yellow Crane Tower is on the border of the Yangtze River. It stands at the top of Snake Hill. It's splendid. Naturally, it becomes a well-known tourist attraction. In ancient times, a lot of famous people including Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Jia Dao, Lu You, Yang Shen and Zhang Juzheng successively travelled here, writing down many poems. The poem named "the Yellow Crane Tower" written by Cui Hao has been  considered to be a wonderful work all the time. Therefore, masses of people can recite it. This poem reminds them of the former grandeur of the Yellow Crane Tower. When the Yellow Crane Tower was topped off, its appearance was exciting. 

The old Yellow Crane Tower was 2 Chi (a unit of length (3 Chi=1 meter)) and 9 Zhang (a unit of length (1 Zhang=3.3 meters)) high with a 7-Chi-high copper top. It had three storeys.  The new Yellow Crane Tower is much grander than the former. There are 5 storeys in total. It's 51.4 meters high with a 5-meter-high gourd-shaped top. It’s nearly 20 meters higher than the former. The ground floor of the old tower is 15 meters wide, while that of the new tower is 30 meters wide. Hence, the Yellow Crane Tower isn't repaired, but rather reconstructed. It keeps some characteristics of the old tower. However, it's designed according to the present needs and people’s change in aesthetic standard.

Source = China Highlights

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